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After Care Manual (Lace Units, Frontals, Closures, & Sew-ins) – Booji Beauty Bundles

After Care Manual (Lace Units, Frontals, Closures, & Sew-ins)

Ok ladies, the lace hype is HERE! You've researched on Youtube, Pinterest and on Instagram the lace trend, and you are determined to try a lace style. Well, we at the Booji Beauty Bar have you covered. But there are a few things we MUST stress to you!

What Happens in the Salon?
  1. During your appointment, we will first direct you to this blog post and will instruct you to read this post from start to finish prior to the completion of the service. After you've agreed and committed to these steps, we will show and direct you on the following steps to take to keep the lace looking fresh.
  2. Here at Booji Beauty we use a lace adhesive ONLY on the skin, never on the scalp, hairline, or baby hairs. If you have sensitive skin and/or are allergic to lace adhesives be sure to let us know PRIOR to the product application (this is your responsibility)
  3. After the lace frontal/wig is installed, do NOT get the lace hairline wet for 24 hours.
  4. You MUST be committed to coming in to the salon every 2 to 3 weeks for "Touch-Ups". Be sure to book your touch-up prior to leaving the salon.

Night Care
After your hair appointment, be sure to tie down your frontal/sew-in with a scarf and wrap your wig or bundles in a satin or silk bonnet before bed.

Lace Lifting
If you experience your lace lifting from your outer hairline, please keep in mind that wearing lace is a temporary style. It is not permanent!! Keep in mind that the lace is placed over the pores/skin outer lining your hairline. Those pores contain sweat glands. Sweat and or moisture WILL break the bond of the adhesive. Some people sweat more than others so take this in to consideration BEFORE getting a lace frontal/wig for a vacation in extreme hot climates and before complaining. 

How to Lay your Lace Frontal/Wig Down:
If you experience your lace lifting, we recommend you to use a gel product called "Got 2B Ultra Glued".You must have ample amount of patience and time to lay the lace down and tied it down after each you apply the gel. Please keep in mind that if you are not good with the required basic upkeep then a lace frontal style may not be for you. 
  1. Apply a dime size amount of Got 2B Ultra Glued hair gel to the hairline using cool air from a handheld blow dryer until the gel becomes tacky
  2. Lightly press the lace into the tacky gel and continue to cool with the dryer
  3. Spray Got 2 B Glue Freeze hair spray on the frontal hairline and blow dry until dry or no longer wet
(Be cautious of irritants, product build-up in the lacce, allergic reactions, and any damage to natural hairline edges and baby hairs on the frontal/closure when using gels and/or adhesives)
Shampoo & Styling:
When washing the frontal/closure use a mild sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner and lightly cleanse the lace and hair.
    • (Sulfates are normally too harsh for weave. Especially if the weave is not virgin hair. They strip your hair of its Keratin coat and makes your weave more prone to tangling)
    • Use a leave-in conditioner, do not skip this step. It is important to use a leave-in conditioner in-order to detangle strands, tame frizz, reduce fly-aways and keep your hair smooth. (Choose one that is lightweight and won’t have your hair looking greasy)
    • Never go to bed with a wet weave! This will encourage matting and lead to moisture that can cause a musty smell and/or mold and mildew
    • Dry your sew-in/wig with a hooded dryer for a quick result or use a handheld dryer to dry the hair and braids completely
    • When brushing or combing your frontal/closure, use a light and gentle hand as the hair is tied in to the lace and can easily be ripped out and/or shed as this will put a hole in the lack and ruin/damage it
    • Brush your hair from tip to point everyday but be gentle when brushing the frontal area. There is nothing worse than a weave that is unkempt and matted
    • Frontals/closures are NOT YOUR REAL SCALP! Excessive scratching on the lace canvas will cause bald spots on the base of your frontal thus damaging it for future installs
    •  Due to sebum (natural oils) and perspiration, the frontal may lift from the hair line after 1 to 2 weeks​, so keep in mind that lace closures and lace frontals are NOT a permanent hair solution/style and will eventually shift and slide back from the hairline
    Purchasing Wigs/Bundles:
    When purchasing virgin hair extensions whether online or with a local vendor, be sure to shampoo and condition the bundles & hair pieces with a mild sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner. This is vital as the hair could have bugs, mites, dandruff, particles, and/or chemicals in the hair. Cleansing the hair will keep the any abnormalities from transferring from the extensions to your natural hair
    Prior to your hair appointment, make sure the wefts/bundles/wig and hair are COMPLETELY dry to prevent mold and/or mildew
    Sew-In/Extensions Instructions:
    Sew-ins/Extensions are only recommended to be wore for 6 to 8 weeks with 2 to 3 “Sew-In Touch Ups” performed in between installations!! << Reread that again please...
    Proper Removal:
    • We HIGHLY recommend that you only allow a skilled "Licensed Professional" to adhere the lace to your skin and to remove it
    • If you must remove the frontal, you can use the following: C-22 Adhesive Solvent Spray and/or coconut oil
    • After you have removed your frontal, you will need to use 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol to cleanse your natural hairline of any glue or residue
    Your frontal can be reused if you take good care of it and if there are no bald spots and if the  lace has not been cut back too far
    Your bundles can be reused if they are not matted. Keep in mind we have a "Reused Hair Fee" for any hair that has been used. No exceptions.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at: clients@boojibeauty.com
    Love Always,
    - Booji
    (By booking online with Booji Beauty Bar & Co , you've agreed to have read this blog Policy Contract  Agreement titled "After Care Manual (Lace Units, Frontals, Closures, & Sew-ins)", and have followed all the above instructional steps and will hold Booji Beauty Bar & Co and its contract employees  harmless from any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses or suits including attorney fees, arising out of or in connection with the performance of this Agreement)